Ep. 17: Sad Con 2: The Movie


In episode 17, the assholes revisit the national disaster that was Sad Con. We plan for a second, sadder year, and simultaneously plot and cast the movie adaptation. Whether you are familiar with Sad Con Year 1 or not, this is a truly miserable experience, no background knowledge needed! Come to Sad Con 2, get a too-small t-shirt, win a Droopy award, and Live or Die- the choice is yours.

Hey- Fuck you guy from Brazil who had nothing positive to say about the first incarnation of Sad Con.


Ep. 09: Serial Killer Speed Dating


The GOA is back to basics for this episode! We create a fully-casted movie plot centered around our friend Adam’s foray into Geek Speed Dating at the 2016 Denver Comic Con. Who wouldn’t want to murder this guy? We kid…we kid…


13 women all hell-bent on destroying Adam after a 90 second speed date turns into a raucous, Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World style chase to see who can claim the ultimate prize: Adam’s head.

Kevin looking grumpy at his table


Matt and Don


Desirae getting her nerd on


Ep. 08: Star Wars Spin-Offs



Episode BB-8 focuses in on all things Star Wars! Inevitably, Disney will continue with one-off movies apart from the main saga- a la Rogue One. Eventually, they will be scraping the bottom of the barrel for ideas, and that is where we come in! With never-before-heard theories and outrageous spin-off plots, the GOA takes you on an alcohol-fueled foray into a galaxy far far away!