Ep. 19: Low Tide

In episode 19, the assholes have really hit their stride. Piggy-backing on the immense success of the teen-paranormal-romance genre thanks to Twilight, we have a new and far better love story to tell. We’ve all seen the memes, everything is a better love story than Twilight, and ours is no exception to that rule. Inspired by the splendor that is Bigfoot erotica (real) and coupled with Desirae’s deep burning love for Riverdale (also real), this new series is everything that Twilight was but MORE: bigger, grosser, and oh so much more satisfying (sexually). Take our hands as we walk you through our superlative, erotic, new paranormal romance series, Low Tide.


Rico (Gilman)



Ashton (Muckman)


Karen (sucks)


Shelly (better than Karen)

Ep. 16: Celebrity Heights #SpectralCohabitation


Welcome to episode 16! In this month’s installment we treat you to the plot of yet another film too awesome to get made. This time we are lampooning the Denver housing market, poking fun at the Colorado pot-refugees, and going all in on murdering celebrities to increase property values. Yep, we went there. Celebrity hauntings = the next logical step in exciting real estate amenities. And just imagine how many likes you could get on Instagram with your spectrally enhanced RiNo loft! #SpiritualCohabitation

Whether you live in Colorado or not, we think you will enjoy a Rick Moranis/Jessica Lange vehicle (with a cameo by Earth, Wind and Fire?? Count me in!) setting the celebrity bar LOW with this playful, yet murderous, dig into the seedy side of real estate.

For your reference:

An actual house listing

Dealin’ Doug

Jake Jabs

Rocky’s Auto Crew

Blinky the Clown


Ep. 07: Project Erase Mel Gibson




This time the GOA looks at the work of disgraced actor, Mel Gibson. Since he is a blight on pop culture, we reimagined his films. We want to edit them to remove his gross, misogynistic, anti-semitic face, and recast these gems with better actors. Don’t get us wrong, we have no desire to remake these movies, we just want to use movie magic to erase him completely- all of the other actors will still get their screen time. So, submitted for your listening pleasure: Project Erase Mel Gibson.

Ep. 06: Better than Pokemon Go



In this episode the GOA creates their own version of the popular game, Pokemon Go.

We call our atrocity “Assemon Go” and are hell-bent on the most miserable experience possible for anyone with the misfortune to download our app. Good times!
More info on our random character choices:
P.S. Bored Lucy snored through the whole thing. It adds to the experience…

Ep. 05: Roswell



GOA is tired of stumbling through the motions of life quietly repeating “I can’t do this anymore.” Welcome to Roswell- or Life: Plan B.


Photos from our trip to Roswell

Best Museum EVER




Weird blacklight backroom


Desirae and GORT


Informational poster at the museum






In this episode the assholes talk about their latest craze, BEARCANO. Sort of like Sharknado, but way hotter.

Unrelated but completely related in spirit, Kevin is currently in production on a BEARCANO comic based loosely on the plot we discuss in this episode. BEARCANO is more of a shell that can fit anything, or if you’re feeling Greek, a hydra with multiple heads. BEARCANO the comic book is one of those heads.



Ep. 03: Sad Con




In this episode, the Gif of A$$holes takes a good look at the convention scene and discusses their own quatro of cons, most notably: Sad Con. Whether you love or hate comic book conventions, you’ll be sure to find something to disagree with in our discussion.

Oh, and if you want to check out the beard eater or the crying British girl we reference, here you go:


Kevin and Don at Denver Comic Con









Kevin, Matt, and Don at Lakeside








Desirae on the Wild Chipmunk


Don at the Mile High Flea Market



GOA Canucksploitation Thrillogy

Well folks, we did it. We have completed the Canucksploitation Thrillogy no one was clamoring for! We filmed the Zap vs. Bolt film we conceived in episode 2. Remember, this was born of love for the franchise and full of in-jokes. It continues the story of Zap Rowsdower, right where we left off in FS2.

Final Sacrifice 3: The Quest for Beer on the Sun: Space Mutiny 2: Space Mutation: Labatt’s Blue Harvest: Zap vs. Bolt

Final Sacrifice 2: The Finaler Sacrifice: The Zappening

To see a sizzle reel of the original MST3K Final Sacrifice: https://youtu.be/abNGJLSzWGI

Full original movie here: https://youtu.be/g0pWTFean0E

Ep. 02: Zap vs. Bolt



The second episode, where upon we start to birth the plot of the Final Sacrifice 3 movie.


Sizzle reel of MST3K Final Sacrifice Best of moments: https://youtu.be/abNGJLSzWGI

Check out our sequel, Final Sacrifice 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?
Art by Don Austin https://www.patreon.com/donaustin?ty=c

Desirae of Great Desirini Films https://www.youtube.com/user/DesiraeS…
Don “D-Tron” Austin https://www.patreon.com/donaustin?ty=c
Kevin Gentilcore from Creephouse Comics http://creephousecomics.com/
Matt Ahern of Matt Ahern

Ep. 01: Tom Atkins Ghost Dick


Published on Apr 16, 2016.

The first episode of the Gif of A$$holes podcast, where upon we discuss the serious plot details and casting choices for what would be the greatest movie ever, Tom Atkins Ghost Dick!