Ep. 14: i’m lovin’ it

True to form the a$$holes create yet another film that is just too awesome to get made. Picture this: everyone’s favorite whipping boy, Jake Lloyd as a grittier, sadder, darker version of the red-headed, commercial clown that has been creeping us all out for years, Ronald McDonald. ¬†After all, all of our other favorite characters are getting the Frank Miller treatment- darkening up their stories, adding grit and dirt and drug addictions to their cannon, why not ol’ Ronny McD?

Take a trip with us into the seedy underbelly of fast food, into the tormented psyche of a depressed clown, into the world made possible by hackneyed directors with zero tricks left in their bags. Welcome to McDonald’s 2.0




In this SPOILER laden episode, the a$$holes complain about the Purge franchise, come up with plot overviews for the next dozen or so sequels, then segue into a long, strange trip into Matt’s psyche in regards to clowns in cornfields. WTF, you ask? We don’t know.

If you felt like the Purge franchise had potential but just continued to let you down one after the other then this is the episode for you. Also, if you have never seen these movies because you thought they looked like smelly, contrived garbage, then this is also the episode for you. Just listen to it, nerd.