Ep. 19: Low Tide

In episode 19, the assholes have really hit their stride. Piggy-backing on the immense success of the teen-paranormal-romance genre thanks to Twilight, we have a new and far better love story to tell. We’ve all seen the memes, everything is a better love story than Twilight, and ours is no exception to that rule. Inspired by the splendor that is Bigfoot erotica (real) and coupled with Desirae’s deep burning love for Riverdale (also real), this new series is everything that Twilight was but MORE: bigger, grosser, and oh so much more satisfying (sexually). Take our hands as we walk you through our superlative, erotic, new paranormal romance series, Low Tide.


Rico (Gilman)



Ashton (Muckman)


Karen (sucks)


Shelly (better than Karen)

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