Ep. 15: Dangle Spanx: Sex in the Star Wars Universe


What the hell is on Hera’s head? This is the question that started it all. That, and the realization that her lekku jiggle on Rebels. 

That show is animated, and yet she jiggles away. Why? This lead to more and more questions, such as:

You ever notice that Twi’Lek’s are one of the only sexualized types of non-human aliens in Star Wars? Have you wondered where the lines of taboo are drawn? Is it socially acceptable for a human to date a wookiee? What about bone a Mon Calamari? An Ewok? If so, you are a sicko-nerd-pervert. So are we.

Laugh at us as we explore sex in the Star Wars universe.

For reference:

Hera’s Head Crotch:


Oola in the Rancor Pit

Droopy McCool:


Sy Snootles:

Max Rebo Band:

Ballchinnian at the Cantina:

Weird Jabba Orgy Photo:

Dick Nose (Garindan)

Hologram from Holiday Special




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