About Us

The Gif of A$$holes is made up of 4 jerks who talk movies and are heavily influenced by our mutual obsession with MST3K.

Origin of our name:

Remember that video making the rounds on social media that had a scene from Pulp Fiction subtitled with Samuel L. Jackson shouting about J-I-F vs. G-I-F pronunciation? “Say J-I-F one more time, MF!” Yeah, no one does. And we can’t find it on YouTube anymore.

Combine this with our discussion of multiple sasquatches being called Bigfoots or Bigfeet and their stampede being labeled a bofie, and you see how convoluted this all becomes. 84 iterations of this conversation later, we thought a collection or group of assholes would be called a J-I-F if they were angry, but calmly assembled would be referred to as a G-I-F. And that’s who we are, a calm group of assholes.

We are Matt, Kevin, Don, and Desirae.


Don is also an illustrator and comic book maker. You can check out his work and help support an independent artist at his Patreon Page.


Kevin is also one half (the drawing half) of Creephouse Comics, which makes horror and sci-fi comics. You can get the net at creephousecomics.com.



Visit Desirae’s YouTube channel, Great Desirini Films to find out all about the fifth A$$hole, Juicy Lucy the Pug